Introduction to Pangwali language

Introduction and  classification of Pangwali Language

G.A. Grierson (Second edition, 1967:373) classifies Pangwali language under Indo-European, Indo-Aryan, Pahadi, and Western Pahadi, respectively. Since inaccessibility is predominant in this part of the state, the language varies from place to place. There are four dialects of this language found with some differences in the valley. They are Pangwali Killar, Pangwali Purthi, Pangwali Sach and Pangwali Dharwasi. However, people at large are of the opinion that the language spoken in Sach belt has preserved a lot of Sanskrit features. But, as Killar is the headquarters of the valley, most of the people accept and understand the language spoken here.

Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Northern zone, Western Pahari.

Sociolinguistic Situation

Reported to be nearly the same as Bhadrawahi. 64% inherent intelligibility of Mandeali, 52% of Kangri, 44% of Chambeali. Lexical similarity 55% with Hindi, 77% with Kullui Pahari.hindi


Multilingualism is found rarely in Pangi valley. However Bilingualism is found, where there is some kind of market. There, people tend to expose to the outsiders. Most of the people and children are bilingual with Hindi. They even speak the Chambeali or Paadri. Even then, the interiors, in the valley Pangwali are the only language spoken by the people.

Context of Language Use

The Pangi people love to speak their mother tongue. So they use the language at home domain, speaking with the members of the house. They speak to their neighbours also with the same language. Their agriculture and marketing also goes with Pangwali. Sometimes, it is found that they use the language even in government offices. In the religious domain is also this language is used.

Viability Factors

The isolation during winters, less contact with the outsiders, teaching of the parents, and the societal demands makes the language so viable in people's life.

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